Boards & Commissions F - Z

  1. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee reviews the proposed budgets of all Town departments as well as financial warrant articles and provides recommendations to Town Meeting.

  2. Greater Lawrence Technical School District

    The Greater Lawrence Technical School District Committee reports each year in conformity with the terms of the Agreement to Establish a Regional School District.

  3. Housing Trust Fund Board of Trustees

    Housing Trust Fund Board of Trustees members are appointed by the Town Manager for terms of 3 years.

  4. Memorial Hall Library Trustees

    The mission of the Memorial Hall Library Trustees is to oversee the management of the library, including the selection of the Library Director, the approval of the budget, administration of invested funds and the establishment of general policies.

  5. Patriotic Holiday Committee

    The Patriotic Holiday Committee works to carry out the proper observance of Patriots Day and all such holidays and events as the Board of Selectmen may designate from time to time.

  6. Permanent Town Building Advisory Committee

    The Permanent Town Building Advisory Committee provides advisory support and makes recommendations to address the requirements and needs of all municipal buildings, including school buildings, in the Town of Andover.

  7. Planning Board

    The Planning Board has the responsibility to review certain proposed development projects in Town and make decisions on them in accordance with state and local bylaws.

  8. Poet Laureate Committee

    The committee will select the Poet Laureate who will represent the Town of Andover by presenting original works of poetry; conducting poetry readings; developing a connection with Andover students; and participating in public events as well as Town, school, and library programs.

  9. Preservation Commission

    The purpose of the Preservation Commission is to advise the Town concerning the preservation of its historic and archeological resources.

  10. Scholarship Committee

    The Scholarship Committee selects recipients of educational financial aid and the amounts awarded to deserving town residents selected upon consideration of financial need, character, scholastic performance and involvement in community work and extracurricular activities.

  11. School Committee

    Visit the Andover Public Schools' School Committee webpage.

  12. Spring Grove Cemetery Trustees

    The Spring Grove Cemetery Trustees advise the Town on all matters pertaining to Spring Grove Cemetery.

  13. TRIAD Council

    TRIAD Council members are appointed by the Town Manager for 3 year terms.

  14. Towle Fund

    The Towle Fund administers funds, bequeathed by the late Margaret G. Towle, to the Town of Andover for assistance to Andover residents in need of aid, comfort or support on account of age, disability or unemployment.

  15. Trustees of Cornell Fund

    The Trustees of Cornell Fund administer the funds for the John Cornell Fuel Assistance Fund which was established in 1893 to be used for the needy and poor to purchase wood or coal.

  16. Trustees of Punchard Free School

    The purpose of the Trustees of Punchard Free School is to disburse scholarship funds held in the Punchard Free School Trust.

  17. Youth Center Building Committee

    Youth Center Building Committee members are appointed by the Town Manager for 3 year terms.

  18. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board of Appeals issues special permits, grants variances, and hears appeals from decisions of the Inspector of Buildings in public hearings held during a regular monthly meeting.