1. Emergency Medical Services

    Emergency Medical Services is an essential component of the myriad of services provided by the fire service in the United States. This division is responsible for providing on-scene and en-route to hospital emergency medical care to sick or injured persons.

  2. Firefighting

    The most important function of firefighting is life safety and rescue of both civilians and firefighters exposed to danger or hazardous conditions. The firefighting division is responsible for combating, extinguishing, and preventing fires; answering emergency medical calls; operating and maintaining firefighting equipment and living quarters; as well as, extensive training in an extremely diversified list of fire service and emergency management subjects.

  3. Training

    The Training Division is responsible for the coordination, scheduling and implementation of all Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical Services mandated training requirements annually. The mandated training meets or exceeds the requirements established by the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy, the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services, and the Insurance Services Office.

  4. Fire Investigation

    Any fire that occurs within the Town of Andover is investigated by a trained and certified fire investigator who is a member of Andover Fire Rescue.