Mission Statement:
The mission of Andover Recreation is to provide the residents of Andover a myriad of social, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities embracing diversity and accessibility for all.

Profile of Andover Recreation:

  • More than 10,000 persons participate each year
  • Approximately 500 programs, events, & trips offered each year
  • Serving non-residents from over 60 local communities
  • Employs hundreds of Andover residents year round
  • Maintains and runs Pomps Pond & Recreation Park
  • Purchases goods & services locally
  • Partners with local businesses and nonprofits on programs
  • Availability to all (non-discrimination policy)

Benefits of Recreation:

  • Personal Benefits: 
    • Exercise, fitness & conditioning
    • Fun & Entertainment
    • Learning & Education
    • Relaxation
    • Health
  • Social Benefits: 
    • Getting to know people
    • Group participation
    • Community awareness
    • Interactions of adults & youth
  • Environmental Benefits
    • Fresh air
    • Nature
    • Outdoor spaces: Parks, fields, & swimming facilities
  • Availability to all 
  • Protection of Natural Environment
  • Develops strong communities through identity & pride
  • Prevents social problems
  • Reduces health problems & costs
  • Integrates disabled &/or disadvantaged
  • Combats national obesity epidemic through development of healthy lifestyles, strong minds, and fit bodies

Stimulating the Economy:

  • Makes communities desirable place to live, work, play & visit
  • Deters crime 
  • Helps youth develop into contributing members of the community
  • Helps older generations to continue their life experiences & maintain  strong and healthy lifestyles 
    • Median cost of assisted living facility per person in Massachusetts averages $4,950/month, 5th highest across the country
  • Preserves natural environment
  • Job creation, employing hundreds of residents each year
  • Avoidance of costly damage due to mismanagement of ecological systems
  • Attracts Industry
  • Stimulates leisure retail industry
  • Increases property value