Andover High School Building Committee

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The Andover High School Facility Study Committee was formed in January 2017. The Committee’s goals were to explore options for addressing the overcrowding, aging building systems, and limitations in programming capabilities at AHS. The Committee reviewed prior facility and enrollment studies; selected an architectural firm (HMFH Architects) to develop a preliminary feasibility study; refined the goals for the project; worked with a demographer to project future enrollment at AHS; worked with HMFH to develop a wide range of options and cost estimates; and conducted more than 40 public and community meetings.

The Town submitted applications to the Massachusetts School Building Authority for ten years seeking state aid to build a new high school.  In February 2022, the School Committee voted to ask Town Manager Andrew Flanagan to create an Andover High School Building Committee to start looking into either renovating and building an addition onto the existing high school or building a new high school. This came after the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) denied helping fund the project for the tenth time.

The ultimate decision on whether to go forward with improvements at AHS and, if so, what those improvements will be, is up to the residents of Andover. Any solution will require approval of the community at Town Meeting and likely at the ballot box. 

Andover High School Building Committee Challenges