Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

Get involved in Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning!

Andover's First Spring Bike Tune-Up and Scavenger Hunt

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The Andover community has formed the Andover Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee which advocates for improvements to pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure. The goals of the Committee are to:

  • Improve equity of access to destinations in our community

  • Enhance the ability of Andover residents to make short trips by walking and biking instead of by car
  • Improve safety for all users of our streets

  • Build streets for all people - not only those who can afford to buy a car.

  • Incorporate Green Infrastructure and Regenerative Landscape Design into the Installation and Maintenance of Complete Streets

  • Improve access to local businesses

The Andover Planning Division will work closely with the Andover Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee to develop projects that are representative of the needs and desires of our community. Both organizations hold a shared belief that the more accessible our streets are the more resilient our community, environment, and economy will be.