Can I get a zoning verification letter?

Zoning Verification letters are ONLY issued for a business that is physically based in Andover (either in the business owner's home or a non-residential location in Andover). The zoning verification application is filed when a business seeks a d/b/a (doing business as) Business Certificate, prior to applying for the Business Certificate from the Town Clerk's Office.

The Zoning Verification letter is NOT used to verify the zoning district for any property in town, nor is it used as a means to determine whether or not there are any zoning code violations, site plans, zoning decisions, etc. In order to obtain copies of public records, please use the following procedure in order to submit public records request.

Please note that the zoning bylaw and zoning map on the town website are the official and most recent map and bylaw. You can use the zoning map to determine the zoning district.

See our online mapping tools here:

View permits from 1996-present in our online permitting system, found here:

Please read the Instructions for View Permit-Homeowner-Realtor  (business) in order to create an account and search the database.

Once registered in the online permitting system, you can search by address to view permits issued for any address. IF there are any code violations, the address will be flagged in the system.

 You can also view archive permits prior to 1996 at

Zoning Board decisions are recorded at the Northern Essex Registry of Deeds.

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