What does 15 Units Per Acres Look Like?

For Section 3A, “Unit capacity” is a measure of the number of multi-family units that zoning allows as of right based on the capacity of the lots in the district. Although some units may already exist, unit capacity for any given lot may be higher or lower than existing development on the site. Unit capacity is one of the factors that is used to determine if a zoning district is a reasonable size. The Compliance Model must be used to evaluate unit capacity. 

The Compliance Model takes the zoning requirements into account, as well as other factors such as lot size, parking requirements, excluded land and open space requirements.

The unit capacity of each lot is measured as if that lot was undeveloped:Unit Capacity image

Image source: Desegregate CT

Please visit the Section 3A Guidelines from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities website here for more information on unit capacity.

Exploring Density in Andover

How dense is my neighborhood?

The Massachusetts Housing Partnership created an interactive web tool that can use visualize housing unit counts and residential density in our communities. Users can draw unique districts and explore density statistics. Click here to start exploring.

Residencity Screen Shot